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The Proud to be a Chef program recognises, develops and supports apprentice chefs to become the culinary leaders of tomorrow.

Investing in the foodservice industry at a grass roots level assists in the continuous improvement and development of culinary standards and professionalism in Australia.

Each year, Anchor™ Food Professionals provide the opportunity for 32 aspiring, young apprentice chefs to embark on a remarkable culinary experience. In February 2020, finalists will fly to Melbourne for a 4-day food adventure, introducing apprentices to a series of extraordinary dining experiences and trips to some of Australia’s most famous food inspired locations.

Proud to be a Chef is a diverse and fast-paced mentoring programme led by 3 inspirational, Australian masterchefs. Previous guests and masterchefs have included Christy Tania, Scott Pickett, Charlie Carrington, Frank Camora, Tony Twitchett, Anna Polyviou, Teague Ezard, Josh Pelham, Darren Purchese, Adam D’Sylva and more.

Over 600 apprentice chefs have participated in the Proud to be a Chef program since it's commencement in 1996. At the conclusion of the program each year, the judges and masterchefs select one apprentice to award an international culinary scholarship for their demonstrated commitment to their profession and their passion for food. Past recipients include:

  • 2019 Joel Nobel
  • 2018 Rebekah White
  • 2017 Giles Gabutina
  • 2016 Jake McKenzie
  • 2015 Mitchell Tucker
  • 2014 Ashlee Carter
  • 2013 Jacob Hoskin
  • 2012 Sonja Dawson
  • 2011 Keryn van Kempen
  • 2010 Kate Ager
  • 2009 Robin Turner
  • 2004 Matthew Morris
  • 2003 Jonathon Kemble
  • 2002 Matthew Macartney
  • 2001 Candice Webber
  • 2000 Megan Knapp
  • 1999 George Calombaris
  • 1998 Karena Dunn
  • 1997 Rebecca Studer

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The Experience

Giving back to the industry

Our goal is to Encourage, Reward and Recognise future culinary leaders in foodservice.

  • ExperiencesOffer extracurricular experiences to apprentice chefs.
  • RelationshipsProvide the opportunity to develop relationships with current and future chefs and educators.
  • EducationLearn how to get the most from dairy products in a commercial kitchen.

Christy Tania

Christy’s pastry journey began at 23 when she left her career as a Business Project Manager to train at Ducasse Institute Ecole Nationale Superieure de la Pattiserie in France. Christy trained at top international restaurants including the Ritz Hotel in Paris and Michelin starred restaurant L’Espadon. In Australia, Christy worked at Vue de Monde, Jacques Reymond, Om Nom / Adelphi Hotel and the Langham Hotel. Her latest Venture is her own Glacé Dessert Artisanal located in Windsor. Glacé is about respecting basic ingredients and evoking the simple joys around eating dessert and cooking.

Peter Wright

Peter is recognised as one of Australia’s leading Foodservice experts and internationally as a Global event specialist. Peter has been involved in many major food service projects and events over the past 29 years and has an unprecedented track record for providing the necessary business outcomes. He has organised catering at both the Olympic and Commonwealth games in recent times, and is considered as one of very few in the world with the insights for both planning and executing of cost effective meal delivery at the scope required at an Olympic event.

Scott Pickett

Growing up in the wine growing region of McLaren Vale in South Australia, Scott was raised in a region famous for its strong seasonal identity as well as its diversity and quality of produce, thus being a great influence on his values as a chef today. Scott is one of Australia’s most exciting chefs with a number of restaurants to his name including his latest edition to the Pickett and Co group being Matilda. Matilda focuses on scaling things back to focus on the core flavour of ingredients. The variety of Scott’s venues highlight his diversity in his cooking skill from informal bistro to elegant fine dining.

32 Proud to be a Chef finalists shall participate in a 4 day all expenses paid event in Melbourne, February 2020.

Highlights of the program will include:
  • MasterclassesA mixture of hands on and demonstrative classes will
    ensure finalists leave the program with more skills and
    culinary knowledge than when they arrived.
  • Fine diningThe program aims to expose the finalists to a range of dining styles and cuisines and a chance to experience the other side of the kitchen, in restaurants that are often unattainable on an apprentice chef’s wage

Who can enter?

Apprentice chefs that are passionate about food, are committed to the foodservice industry and love to learn and try new experiences should enter the program.

To be eligible for entry you must be:
  • An apprentice chef aged 18 years or older as of February, 2020
  • Enrolled in a Government recognised cooking course at the date of entry into the competition
  • A resident of Australia
  • Successful applicants may be subject to reference
    checks as part of the entry criteria

How to Apply

To complete your application, you’ll need create an original recipe and tell us why you are passionate about food and cookery, where you would like your apprenticeship to take you and what you are hoping to get out of the mentoring program.
Your recipe must meet the following requirements:
  • Includes at least one Anchor™ FP ingredient
  • Prep time is no more than 30 minutes
  • Cook time no more than 2 hours
  • The ingredients you are using will be in season in February next year
  • The recipe serves 2 people
  • The recipe can be made with shared access to specialist equipment (such as deep fryers, blast chillers, circulators)

Download the Anchor™ Food Professionals product catalogue here

Applications open August 1st.

The Prizes

Grand Prize

International Scholarship

Being selected as one of 32 finalist is an exceptional prize and one standout apprentice shall also be crowned winner of the 2020 Proud to be a Chef event, winning  an International Culinary Scholarship tailored to their individual aspirations as a professional chef.

Award for Participation and Dish

Two additional winners will also be announced for their outstanding achievement.

Anchor™ Food Professionals Family

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Anchor William Angliss Institute

Past Experiences

Hear what some of our past finalists have to say about the Proud to be a Chef program